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been in love, fought,lost, won... sometimes... I currently reside in a cornfield somewhere in the midwest, but am soom going to reside on a mountain out west. Im 17 and of a gender that doesnt comply to the realities of power. I like indie/folk music...a lot...

Poems by starwars:
  • 2$ Bills wont Last Forever
  • Persian Rugs get Worn and Candles Melt into the Atmosphere
  • Bob Dylan is Better at the Harmonica
  • Some Princes Come from Graves
  • From Auschwitz to You
  • Prtofanity (FUCK) is the only way to get attention...FUCK
  • A Poem to Pass the T:ME
  • This is an Untitled Rough Draft
  • When Bottles are Sent S.O.S into the Sky
  • The Calendar on the Wall Will be Changed just Like Last Year's
  • another word taken from conor the great
  • 22320 Craig Ave
  • Last weeks recorded phone memo...
  • The Girl I Left in the Rain
  • The Stamps are in the Drawer Dear!

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