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I started writing in efforts to create songs on the guitar but learned that poetry and songwriting are completely different and ended up loving both.

Poems by soda482:
  • Nighty Night
  • My Seductive Bloody Lunchbag
  • My Last Two Cents
  • mourn the morn
  • Return to Sender
  • Kelly
  • Eclipse
  • Deflowered
  • Wishing On A Sidewalk
  • to dive without wings for a dove without wings
  • More Than Four
  • 3 months till .soltice. 3 months ago
  • Heavy Swords and Broken Backs
  • Blind Art
  • Kill Causes, Prevent Effects
  • At the Drop of a Hat: An Artform
  • drowning from an ocean in your footprint
  • surround sound
  • some people. they dream for time
  • A Portrait of Madness
  • pearls exist

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  • Blind Hearing
  • A Portrait of Madness
  • You fucked me... Hard
  • It's Real
  • some people. they dream for time
  • At the Drop of a Hat: An Artform
  • Nametag
  • Kill Causes, Prevent Effects

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