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..hi. i'm laina.

Poems by shakeit:
  • And so...
  • 75 mph
  • after the rain...
  • perfect shade of blue
  • and send her spiraling into oblivion.
  • meat in a ziplock
  • on exploring you
  • love is...
  • theoretically hypothetical
  • senseless random ramblings
  • reflections of nothing
  • one fluid motion
  • about a boy
  • and all your love is true love
  • born broken
  • would she haunt you then?
  • pour le nikki, la fille on ne me permet pas d'aimer.
  • imperfectous beauty
  • 12:38AM
  • i hate love poems.
  • rewind. present time, collide.
  • show me
  • Oxford, my Darling
  • On God Complexes and you.

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