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words are vitamins, and life is short - ani d.

Poems by shadowskiss:
  • She
  • Polaroids and Paper Boats
  • Porcelain Doll
  • Stars of love (or something like it)
  • When the sun was pessimistic
  • He was perfect...sort of
  • Suffocation
  • The melody of a rainbow
  • Monty Python movie marathon
  • He is a child
  • The sky is eating me
  • Webs are only for spiders.
  • Stars and juice boxes.
  • Escalator/Elevator
  • Cardboard boxed dreams.
  • The yin and the yang. (edited)
  • The effect of seeing an inside-out lunch.
  • The beauty in bus shack drawings.
  • Screaming into you.
  • Holding on. (Time to let go)
  • Candy tears.
  • I am not the sky.
  • The tale of Mt. Arrogance
  • Washed up citrus feelings
  • Feelings in a dixie cup
  • Timing lonelyness
  • Beauty is in the eye of the one who holds you
  • metaphorical rain
  • Understanding mermaids
  • Water-lily eyes
  • For Luke (A "The Handmaids Tale" poem.)
  • Antagonizing smile
  • I never knew how to write poetry
  • knowledge lost power
  • the potential of stars
  • just, maybe, could you, go away?
  • Snow of a different taste.
  • c'mon babe, spit it out
  • it'll be worth it, even if only for today
  • it all comes so quickly
  • justification
  • turtles are better at hide and go seek
  • to warm the insides
  • dont bother selling, she will steal
  • a mathematical farewell (ode to your beauty)
  • it's like fucking in antartica
  • doing the right thing is not as easy as it sounds
  • because, apparently, you don't understand english
  • hard carpet soft rock
  • In the morning, I'll be gone.
  • inanimate objects, and all their meanings
  • just don't look directly at it
  • 18000
  • keep the window open
  • she says, she says, he has no say
  • it's frightened by her

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  • Washed up citrus feelings
  • Antagonizing smile
  • she says, she says, he has no say
  • keep the window open
  • 18000
  • just don't look directly at it
  • Escalator/Elevator
  • the most striking thing

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