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Website: http://www.livejournal.com/~clumsyish

Behold, above, the liverjournal taking its name from one of my pieces.
Or, for an alternate option: life as a dinosaur (which can explain allie's dinosaur jokes, or could, if she was around to make any more. And I could still update this, but I don't. Alas.)
Or, for an alternate alternate option: the blog no one knows of that I started to remind myself how to write (this, I occasionally do write in, and parts sometimes become poems).

I was thoroughly infatuated with
Red Lady by d.a. levy for a while, as both a story and a character, and consequently there's a number of references to her in some of my stuff. I haven't touched Bukowski in a while; maybe I should.

Sometimes I was manikin. But now the manikin poems are consolidated with consolidatory madness, so they can be found here. Woo!

I don't delete poems. But about half of mine are now 'unknown' to clear out clutter from my list. They might come back to knownness someday, but for now are non-canon semaj work (all footnoted as such, so if you want to see them, search for 'semaj' and they'll show up).

Poems by semaj:
  • fast clouds moving in an aquamarine night
  • Cut geranium blossoms; melting not through heat.
  • Late november blues --
  • clumsy-ish, or stuck somewhere between complete daring and complete caution with no end in sight.
  • fifteen
  • one night:
  • hunter
  • an arbitrary title because a half-assed attempt would be awful
  • he is ivy
  • hermit
  • nostalgia for a time that wasn't too long ago, but things were different then, even, for me.
  • The ecstasies and enemies of the Object --
  • The Continued Ecstasies of the Object
  • On Writing Letters at Five in the Morning
  • spring always reminds me
  • walk home from the Green Room
  • side-to-side, a sucker for motion
  • taste like milk
  • Sinister rams
  • the Unbearable Flightiness of Treeing
  • letter to J______
  • tongue spreads honey
  • slow girl, fast boy, no knowing, no know.
  • Eight-month critique
  • Bad Submission in Poetry Sex Award #3
  • la masculin
  • Girlfriend complains about her hair

semaj's favorite poems:
  • Love affair with Elizabeth Bishop
  • As you may swim
  • ODE TO MANIKIN: when you're right, you're right!
  • oh, honey
  • she sleeps on her fingers
  • Threads
  • after the quake

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