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I tend to write mostly sensate and narrative poems in free verse. The thought of rhyme schemes and poetry formats is daunting, not that I wouldn't love to try to but too much order seems to affect how I write, does that make sense? No, don't think it does. ;-)

Poems by redsky:
  • The Man on 87th
  • Broken Social Scene Birthed a Stillborn
  • The Last Room To Your Left
  • At The Colonial Plaza on King Street
  • In His Son's Absence
  • Literal Dissection Of A Poet's Heart
  • Geek Love
  • A Red Dress and Oranges
  • Tempting The Seasons
  • The Drunkard's Pilgrimage
  • Cotton Blossoms
  • Corporate Art
  • Mugs I Don't Drink From - Part I
  • Mugs I Don't Drink From - Part II
  • Mugs I Don't Drink From - Part III
  • Mugs I Don't Drink From - Part IV
  • Ode To Ben Gibbard
  • The Divine Miss M Sang "Stay With Me"
  • North Bartholom's Emblem
  • Mammoth Pink Travels East (FotoFriday 1)
  • Broken Signal Light
  • Of Guilt And Other Battles
  • A Prostitute Revisits Her Ex-Lover’s Room
  • Literary Preference
  • Hiss
  • Revelation Down 505 South
  • Weather-Beaten
  • Our Family Tree
  • Daybreak, Uninterrupted
  • Definition Of Funk

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