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trust is overrated, especially if you can't trust yourself.

the first poem i posted under this name is basically an explanation of what inspired the creation of this username. and it's also what drove my art even further.

some of you may already know my poetry as AEOS.

AIM == broskydogg

age: 19
location: baton rouge, louisiana; jigg city
(united states).

"hey! i feel more like i do now than i did when i first got here!"

Poems by mould_jesus:
  • where trust meets insecurity
  • a stolen rose won't smell as sweet
  • "of nursery-Rhymes and Jacks-in-black-boxes"
  • stapled stale and smoking with fury
  • remington ga. 12 magnum. 3" buck load.
  • scripture
  • impulse 101
  • 10:49 AM (March 02, 2005)
  • prophecies
  • to kill another mockingbird with the same stone
  • battering ram
  • kissing strangers on filthy streets
  • the view from the top of the swing set
  • making bets with plastic cups
  • solicitus timor*
  • Dominatrix
  • plague of the seventh season
  • break me down just to build me back up again
  • a haiku of governments and politicians (oxymoron of the century).
  • "fists for smashed faces"
  • five finger flight
  • something wicked this way comes
  • waffle house hashbrowns
  • a warning for the label on a box of blades (5-7-5)
  • detox
  • father of the year, 3 beers overdone.
  • reading eliot at midnight
  • those hallowed eyes
  • teething
  • inward/outward
  • dirty raincoat.
  • when comfort jumps from a sixty story window
  • friday
  • a tale of rum and hanging hats
  • susie jane could save us all
  • send across lines
  • alison
  • 06.06.06
  • dissociative anesthetics.

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