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I'm consider myself a novice with poetry. I took one poetry class in college, and fought with my teacher for half the time ;) but she was brilliant and i loved the class. ANYHOO... A little about my poetry preferences: I absolutely don't like Whitman, too much fluff and WAY too many lists I love Frost (who doesn't?), his macabre topics are so beautifully described most ppl don't know his subject matter isn't 'happy' I really love Li-Young Lee, Persimmons is my fav by him. If you haven't read it, GO NOW! find it and read it, i hope you like it. hmmm, lets see, i'm kind of rambling now... i love haiku's i like to write them, but i don't think i'm too god at them. i think its fun though. We'll stop there for now ;) if i think of anything else to write, i'll let you know.

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