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Moving on, not up.

Poems by lieskilllies:
  • Make A Run For It, Reeves!
  • Nothing Like Wet Cement
  • A.M. Hours
  • Homeroom Works (Force Times Distance)
  • I'll Take My Girl And A Side Of Mondays
  • Newports are only as breathtaking as the glass in Your throat
  • You Got The Point Across
  • You Caught Me
  • I will remain beside myself (for the time being)
  • Hey, honeylimbs.
  • Why Did We Ever Part?
  • To Remain Nameless.
  • Air, the ways you disappoint me.
  • Whereas Months Ago, I was Eager.
  • A Lawyers Love.
  • When Do I Get Myself Back?
  • So an Atheist Walks Into a Youth Group Meeting With a Stake, Van Helsing..
  • War Tactics.
  • Homeward Bound
  • Her Name In Pig Latin Was Unpronouncable.
  • Astronauts and Cosby Rocks.
  • Off Guard Avant Garde
  • Leave As I Came.
  • She Made Sure To Break The Branches
  • I Asked Her, "Would You Care to Elaborate?"
  • When I Pray, It Goes Like This.
  • Giving Up And Getting Down.
  • How You Fit Into An Early Evening (and why that's fine by me).
  • Herbivore Happenings!
  • Shitting On The Sole Of My Soul.
  • Who I'd Like To Meet
  • Every time That I See Tiffany Amber Theissen..
  • You'll Never Catch Me Juggling.
  • Turning In Is Turning Out.
  • Fall's Falling Out
  • A Late Lament.
  • Soda.
  • I'll Never Use Drugs In The Fall.
  • Greetings From Innard Space.
  • The Last Poem I Ever Write is About a Girl.
  • Voici!
  • Empty Seats and Broken Teeth.
  • Trache-Otto Rocket
  • I Kicked Over A Mountain Once.
  • Sweet nothings, sour everything, and what died in between.
  • Sarah Goldfarb's Waistline
  • Bye-bye and Buy Bonds!
  • My cubicle is also a tomb.
  • Fake Tans, Buzzing Bodies
  • You Are Rosemary Cross.
  • Handjobs In The Hotseat

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  • You Are Rosemary Cross.
  • Fake Tans, Buzzing Bodies
  • XXX Crazy
  • Sarah Goldfarb's Waistline
  • You don't like to kiss me.
  • Punk Rock
  • Her Name In Pig Latin Was Unpronouncable.
  • Fall's Falling Out

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