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Classics major from Minnesota, transplanted to Seattle, Washington. Taught English in China for awhile, got an MA in China Studies, but have since forgotten most of the Chinese I learned. Now writing product copy for a living and enjoying each day of being a mom. My husband and I enjoy playing roleplaying games (such as Dungeons & Dragons) with our large group of like-minded geeky friends. I enjoy cooking, hosting parties, choral singing, word puzzles, and making Soul Collage cards.

Poems by leukothea:
  • Apiary
  • Daydream
  • Minnow
  • Nails
  • Golden Apple
  • Recipes
  • On a Book
  • Civitas
  • Cemetery Walk
  • 3D Tetrahedron C
  • Contact (Object Poem)
  • Sudoku (Trois-par-Huit poem)
  • Spring Dance (light verse)
  • Storm front
  • Chords, Transposed
  • Nine months of punctuation
  • Under clearing atmospheric conditions
  • After Aunt Mab moved to the group home
  • Prayer for the Sky
  • Butt Ode (light verse)
  • Conversation with a disgruntled ex-tenant (FOTO FRIDAY POEM)
  • ORATE FLAIR (anagram light verse)
  • Te Pito O Te Henua, 1722
  • To My Mother's Ghost
  • Highway Tomato Plant (A Villanelle)

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  • Highway Tomato Plant (A Villanelle)
  • sitting across from each other, sipping whiskey on ice and vodka and lime, conversing.
  • Te Pito O Te Henua, 1722
  • ORATE FLAIR (anagram light verse)
  • Nebulas and Trampolines
  • (FOTO FRIDAY 2) Fatima (revised)
  • Conversation with a disgruntled ex-tenant (FOTO FRIDAY POEM)
  • pra3torian

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