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female, 18, Socal.

Poems by lai:

  • As I feel, so you trace
  • Waltzes I suppose
  • Li Qiuhua
  • Water
  • pulse rolls & the nervous system
  • Tired of Sleeping
  • Swollen
  • Sick
  • Route 101
  • Eyes brighter than glass
  • Ripe in the morning light
  • Movement
  • Sheila in the water
  • You stayed still but only once
  • Do not notice it now
  • Wait
  • Open
  • Volume
  • The addiction and the man, always thinking of us
  • bodies, the beach
  • Neglect
  • King of the fields
  • friend, when we become as close as family
  • Mother is late, we lie in bed early
  • Her son
  • His response that had nothing to do with the arguement
  • before my body met my eyes
  • To me you were just moving air
  • I will know you by the life you are
  • "I feel cold as if I were made out of nothing at all"

lai's favorite poems:
  • Fiery Skies
  • On a bus in Shanghai
  • Abstract Composition
  • let me tell you
  • when damp
  • [feeling your mouth as another extension of my being]
  • child

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  • "I feel cold as if I were made out of nothing at all"
  • I will know you by the life you are
  • brother (revised)
  • The feeling of holidays
  • Imagine Shaving A Fish
  • Warmth

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