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I am kimado, i'm pretty new to poetry but i love it more each time i read write or think. even on the loo making a stink.

Poems by kimado:
  • Fuck
  • boo dee loo.
  • bus journey #31200089
  • Taking a walk with my head in my ass
  • pens and paper and shit
  • Mountain Jew
  • sup la bing ta.
  • Toast and cheese
  • It's all abit post modern
  • On Bullshit
  • My Space
  • Battle of toes and doorstops with poor punctuation and spelling
  • The ephemeral nature of shite
  • Your Blue Coat Has Gone Into The Sale
  • I Have Never Felt Worse
  • Nature Has A Good Sense Of Balance
  • Spiders are perverse
  • Sugar Free Marmalade
  • Fuck Revisited

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