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well im a person who's fucking fucked and who likes to swear but rarely often and who likes to use slang cuz it makes me feel young.

Poems by jittery:
  • Killing me Softly
  • Girl World
  • Sex Slave
  • Rock the Cradle
  • Life
  • Dirty Boy
  • death by numbers
  • A Critical Look At My Murder
  • Karma is a Bitch
  • little fatty
  • 'till my hearts content hah!
  • incoherent babbling of a sane women
  • Simple isn't good enough.
  • Pictures of Clash
  • Timing is Nothing
  • Newborns On Acid
  • Under the Influence
  • Drawing A Blank
  • Equinox Number 1 and 3
  • You are the Positive, I am the Negative
  • Stop Go Fire Light
  • another poem about the perils of falling in love
  • You're Not Superman
  • and in my last moments i wish i was listening to coldplay
  • Impassioned by the awkward look of your smile.
  • I Wish
  • The Piano Man was an Addict
  • Happy
  • The Pop Culture Icon Allure
  • In Between The Lines
  • a conceptual mode of thinking
  • the rift
  • A Path Guided By the Broken Hand
  • It's a Kind of Magic
  • Obsessions Plea for Normalcy
  • to the paper doll in my love portrait

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