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So I'm changing what this used to say. Am I an elitist? Does Baudelaire ever remind anyone of Kurt Cobain? How necessary is a degree to a poet (I mean this one in earnest)? How many times do you (who's reading this right now) see a poem, make a note of it, and then the wammy is gone after that moment? Does anyone ever write a poem a day without launching head first into depression? Children's stories vs. poetry--is writing for kids a cop-out? If so, why is it so much more fun than poetry, which I live for? Why do I get writers' block when I'm in love?.... *laugh* I'm in a "mood."Email me for more of this kind of b.s.

Poems by gem_grrrl:
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  • Missouri Honey Song
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  • His Eyes at Dawn Close by the Bank of Brush Creek
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