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So, how do you fit yourself into a box? I love writing and I love music. I write poems (ahem), short stories, novellas and lyrics. I love feeling and thinking (and thinking about feeling). I dance, sing and take theatre. I speak french, english and dropped spanish class after two years. This is some of what I like: -jack johnson -ben harper -interpol -yeah yeah yeahs -red hot chili peppers -the smashing pumpkins -stone temple pilots -radiohead -feist -beck -hawksley workman -coldplay -modest mouse -ani difranco -i mother earth -weezer -our lady peace -the beatles -sublime

Poems by etcetera:
  • hustle vs bustle
  • realysis
  • Basement #78
  • sun burnt breakfast
  • The Blemish Fish
  • The Pilgrimage
  • Miasmatic
  • From rapture to rattle
  • Sith Business [a breed of civil war]
  • I'm a Stupid Princess (A sonnet)
  • Broken Toes [I want a divorce]
  • La Fantasie
  • Hypersensitized (claymation for the lazy)
  • The Carnal Pleasure or, We Can't Make Mistakes
  • Tomorrow and what it held
  • Met Her For
  • "Liberia!" you cried
  • Beat (because it's cool to rage)
  • Carolina, Ago
  • Letter to a loveless Hyena
  • The Midnight Show
  • To the little girl who put her teddy bear in the wash at the laundromat last Thursday evening
  • Fict-Fact
  • Flora
  • Four feet of flood
  • My Commie, named Hamlet
  • Jung Love
  • the familiar smell of your fabric softener
  • And then Eve said
  • -3
  • Me, asthmatic
  • Is I?

etcetera's favorite poems:
  • [runscript] fucking run
  • inhale

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