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It's a deal! It's a steal! It's the sale of the fucking century! ~Lock, Stock and Two smoking barrels

Poems by dmu_96:
  • Murders all in the name of God(Ballad)
  • Life's Greatest Lesson
  • Bodies of Auschwitz
  • Letzten Momente Auf Dieser Welt
  • Would Dreams Still Be Dreams?
  • My Wonderland or My Mordor?
  • Murderer's Amnesty
  • Shall I drown again?
  • Måneskinn på bølger
  • Acidic Serenity
  • Haiku(Rain on the Flowers)
  • Life of Man
  • Lobster man to the street clown
  • The Ants go marching on and on
  • Only the barber knows.
  • Rose Red Nebula Crystallized
  • Cascading spiral of Despair.

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  • Cascading spiral of Despair.
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