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My name is Carolina (Caro-lee-na), Caro for short. I love to write poetry, draw and write my comic: Magista, and sing in my band: Commercial Free. I love to listen to any type of Rock music (or any kind of music in fact.), karate, guitar, and doodle in class.

Watching the sunset

Counting the stars

And cuddling up in a warm blanket,

drinking hot chocolate

Are some of my favorite things.

Poems by carox3:

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  • Rant
  • Personal Questions
  • Me
  • Grow Up
  • Never Ending Merry-Go-Round
  • Drabble
  • I Once Knew You
  • Undetected Attraction
  • A Play by the Name of Tragedy
  • The Contradiction of Writing a Poem

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  • fuck art.
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  • inhale
  • bad poetry (a love poem)
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  • bare feet
  • what I meant when I said nothing
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  • Somewhere in-between
  • Words Written in Raindrops on Windows
  • I Kissed You Four Times Last Night
  • hey poet-boy
  • Acts of Patriotism
  • an arrow shot never returns
  • Modern Medusa and Midas
  • You Dozed Off
  • Cigarette in the Rain (Soupline Meditation #5)
  • to someone like you
  • lines for Syd
  • to the teacher who first called me a poet
  • Father Time
  • you're all derailing

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