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Website: http://www.myspace.com/hubbyandwifeymc

I like to write poetry and I am currently working on a novel entitled, Jump, Girl, Jump! I graduated from CSU Long Beach with a BA in English Education with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I have a couple poems published in local Long Beach magazines...the coffee shop kind...but besides that, I haven't worked on the whole publishing thing. I currently live in Orange County. My favorite things include: my awesome hubby, Venice Beach, underground parties, family, and the little apple slice the Elephant Bar puts in their martinis. My fav. poets are Jane Kenyon, Billy Collins, and Pablo Neruda. My favorite recently read book is A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole...if you havn't read it...I would highly recommend it! =) Oh...thanks to my husband for the website...it is my b-day present...still under construction, but it's going!

Poems by candykid:
  • By the Numbers
  • Literacy
  • Over Lunch
  • Opinions and Pillows
  • Why I Would Never Be Ms. Universe
  • It's Bases and Birthdays
  • Naked
  • So You Wanna Know Why Women go to the Bathroom in Groups
  • Slither
  • Since I Can't be an Hourglass
  • Gluttony
  • What it Means to be Shapeless
  • Ode to 10th Grade English (A slight change in curriculum)
  • Even Though
  • But I Wanna Be a Star-Crossed Lover Too
  • Fairy Tale Length
  • For My Fellow Fakes
  • What's Up Now?!
  • Purple
  • Ever Play Darts?
  • Sonnet (Untitled at the moment)
  • My Uncle's Hands

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