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Poems by alana:
  • Alone Tonight
  • Complainte de la Butte
  • Instant Messaging
  • Winter-Spangled Emptiness
  • Corsetry (et la classe de français)
  • Shame (in the form of a little girl who was thrown off a horse)
  • Corsetry (et la classe de français) (revised)
  • The Less-Loved Whore
  • Something in the Air around your head ("meet me in the red room")
  • if they really loved her (an assignment)
  • Lying is a skill I won't gladly give up.
  • "Come back with it or on it"
  • 5:55 a.m.
  • Please don't worry. I owe you.
  • "Calvinism"
  • silly games for lonely people
  • A Cup of Tea in Heaven
  • Gardening Fatigue
  • I had no reason to be blinded by Love. (it's all good. really.)
  • Having a moment on Katahdin (One Of Those)
  • Commonly Misspelled Words, Tired Eyes
  • For Me (Heaven, or Heaven on Earth?)
  • a slow progression of empty giddy blanks
  • A Summernight Goddess: Thunderstorm poetry
  • just last spring I found heaven, truly.
  • Fair's fair/Carnival Smoke
  • barefoot jesus---beat poetry
  • Babylon Eyes
  • Buddhist Love

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  • My Tambourineman: An Ode to Bob Dylan
  • hello buddha
  • Babylon Eyes
  • There is a sour taste in my mouth, and you are going to explain
  • I got away with it.
  • Fair's fair/Carnival Smoke
  • just last spring I found heaven, truly.
  • i know which way the wind blows