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16 year old junior in high school. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

Poems by X:
  • Meat
  • Plaid Lines and Circles
  • Diabetes
  • I'd Sell it on E-Bay (Revised)
  • Pale Blue Ocean Eyes
  • I'll Teach You the Guitar
  • Twister of Love
  • A Garden of Gardenias
  • You Could've Taken the Dog Like in All Those Country Songs
  • he eats his gummy bears head first
  • Expensive Perfume on Heartfelt Hookers
  • 90 Degrees and Raining Hard
  • pear soda
  • Cafe Cadaver (With Gossip Inbetween)
  • Your martini lips made that note drunk...
  • Your Brunette Ocean
  • Ego Builder for One that Deserves it: High School Homecoming
  • Our Tainted Fruit
  • Ocean Aqua Ice Cream Blue
  • If You Were a Website I'd Click 'Add to Favorites'
  • children cry when they get splinters (and for older age)
  • I'd splurge on your sorbet fashion...
  • I like it when you grin, a lot
  • maybe i could carry your books home for you, or something
  • the freckles on your nose...
  • the envy of the stars
  • pretentious rich people listening to jazz
  • old man cupid
  • you're more than good. you're grrrreeeatttt
  • the bips and bops of eternity
  • a different kind of sunshine

X's favorite poems:
  • Unknowingly Beautiful
  • here we go
  • Re: Judas Iscariot
  • Ode to Peanut Butter

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