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I'm 28, half northern Irish half northern English and living in the states. To say I'm confused would be an understatement. Been writing since I was 9. Love the clasics and my fav poets are seamus heaney and Mr. Poe

Poems by Trish77:
  • Luther's Folly
  • An Appeal
  • StoneHenge
  • In Memory of St. Thomas
  • Giza
  • We killed God on a Thursday
  • When the burning days are done
  • My Last Day in Church
  • Uninvited
  • The Bullet's Lament
  • Jungle Cage
  • He's Now Speaking (I need help!)
  • Purveying the dead at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
  • Stumbling for the Muse
  • The Tourist
  • Cocaine & Cadillacs
  • An Immigrant's Woe
  • A Cynic's Cry
  • A Woman's Intuition
  • Writing on Death
  • A dragon slumbers
  • Haunted
  • The Mirror (or We, Crusaders)
  • Untitled-any suggestions?
  • Jungle Cage-Revisited
  • There's a Tragedy...

Trish77's favorite poems:
  • God, the Window, and Me
  • fuck art
  • Colonial Healing
  • Poetry is Painful
  • a haiku of governments and politicians (oxymoron of the century).
  • The Character of Black Eyes

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  • An Honorable Man
  • "Factotum"
  • for your sake the rice was created

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