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The Harlequin appeared one normal day when I was but a wee lad in 7th grade Language Arts with the best teacher ever (and still a good friend of mine) Mr. Cory Campbell. No one knows why he is here or, more importantly, when he will leave. Opinions of him are varied, from those who call him by (what they assume are clever) vulgar alterations of his name and spit apon his every utterance, to those whos affectionate voices call him Harlie and whom hang weightless on his witty words. Some attempt to describe him: arrogant, egotistic, cocky, clever, impish, witty... But all of them agree on one thing: "There is no one quiet like The Harlequin."

Poems by TheHarlequin:
  • Dear Mom and Dad
  • Absence of Past Tense
  • Kaleidoscopic Lives
  • Suspicious Clouds III (penguins on parade)
  • Suspicious Clouds IV (conclusion)
  • a work in progress
  • On ADHD: ~The Rantings of a So-Called 'Victim'
  • My Tambourineman: An Ode to Bob Dylan
  • Warning to all Unknowns
  • Cold Eyes of Molten Lead
  • Never Could Get that Last String
  • Burning Our Consciences
  • Social Slave's Serenade
  • Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
  • Tick-Tock Taunts the Timepiece
  • Epidemic
  • Suspicious Clouds II (nimbus navigation)
  • Suspicious Clouds I (war song)
  • Binomial Nomenclature
  • The Stranger In the Mirror
  • Along Came the Spider
  • What I Am: A Self-Reflection
  • 2000 Years
  • Preautobiography of a Psychopath
  • 'Round the Merry-Go
  • Earth, Wind, Water, Fire
  • The Patriotic Parent

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