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Website: http://angelfire.com/journal2/themindofme/scribbles.html

I enjoy to playing with structure in my writing, both rhyming and non. I am fascinated by the power of the right word, I am always hunting for that perfect word with the exact connotations that need to be conveyed in the right place. I like how one word changed in a sentence repeated can give it a whole new meaning, so you will find that a lot in my work. Because I work full time, and go to school full time, I can't write or comment on others work as much as I'd like to, but I do so whenever I can.

Poems by SteelAngel:

  • Maturation Observation
  • Insomniac
  • Toolbox
  • Promise
  • Lonliness
  • Smoke and Sugar
  • Waiting for the Rain
  • Safety in the Storm
  • I Have Come To Realize That You Can't Save Me
  • Virginity
  • Forgivness in the House of Our Father
  • Prayer in Honesty
  • Letters to the Inner Critics
  • Breathing Ice Crystals
  • Dried Pens
  • Weathered Eyes
  • Revolving Disorder
  • Modern Education
  • Newly Beautiful
  • Like Silk
  • Ruby Senryu
  • Peripherally Unseen
  • Night's Afternoon Dance
  • Everyone Forgot Their Shades Today
  • Security!
  • My Judge of Innocence
  • Fragmented
  • Purchased Beauty is All the Rage
  • Restrained
  • Seeing Lies
  • Watercolors of the Morn'
  • A Better Woman

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