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Look, I know sometimes my spelling and grammar can be off a little, and I don't mind people pointing that out. I do mind, however, when people take pleasure in pointing it out. Please, I'm embarrassed enough... I mean, I'm an English major with one credit left for Godsakes! It's like being an accountant that has a brain freeze every time it comes to simple addition. I know, excuses, excuses. That's right; excuses and for now that will have to do. Also, if you think my poem, or any poem is too long, then stop reading it. Don't comment that it's too long but is good overall, that's like eating a four star meal and leaving the last bite saying, "You know, it was better than good, but I still wasn't completely satisfied, send it back and tell the chef it was cooked a little too long." If I can think of any more cynical things to say I will get back to you. Until then, if you don't like what I have to say or the style in which I write it, then I will quote the great Bender, saying... you know what pal?, "Bite my shiny metal ass." Your "friendly, social" poet, SirBoggy P.S. I like to kid and even though what I say can have a bite to it someti... most of the time, please try to take it with a grain of salt; because I'll tell you one thing right now buckaroo, I'm not changing myself just for you and that is an issue I stand quite firm on. Ok, well maybe I'd change a little something here or there... only cause it's you, but not much! I mean it! Again, I'm very firm on this issue. P.S.S. Also, just so you know, the reason I make it more than clear that "SirBoggy" has written the poem is because people say they would read more of my poetry but my name is not posted. I can't figure out why either. I don't post anonymously. So, that's why in case you were going to accuse me of vanity, arrogance or narcasism.

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  • Home Is Where The Mess Is
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