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Website: http://www.freewebs.com/seraphsoliloquy/

the website up above is another site where I post art, and I have a link to another poetry site where I write. Thanks for visiting ye old profile. another site whre I post some of these poems as well. My author name at allpoetry is SeraphsSoliloquy http://allpoetry.com/poets/SeraphsSoliloquy

Poems by SeraphSoul:
  • Talkbox
  • Carnival
  • Bare Existence
  • Caffeine Shakes
  • window-shopping
  • Run like Hell~ or the childbirth of a tornado
  • Fevered Thoughts [revised]
  • Ill Feelings
  • Engulfed and Exhumed by Sleep
  • Envelopes and Observances
  • Haiku 1 (or hands towards apollo)
  • Redundant
  • tired battle with love and charcoal.
  • Forget Me Awhile

SeraphSoul's favorite poems:
  • two photographs, taken with the same roll of film,
  • Agedteen am I
  • Connection in a digital age (blinking boxes)
  • you are my tenderness

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