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18 year old kid...going to Syracuse next in the fall!!! Live in Hawaii...love it, but am ready to go off college. I am not a poet by a long shot, not even a writer, but I sometimes enjoy geting some words down. My poems have a tendency to be happier, cause thats just the way I am...laid back, mellow, and a cruizer (yeah, with a z). I am also a car fanatic, so expect that to be seen in the poetry. Oh, and I am student pilot...I fly in a Piper Cherokee 6 300, and a Piper Comanchee 250. Laters -Billy

Poems by SaleenDriva:
  • Fear
  • Darkness
  • Rain
  • My Friday Night Lights (edit)
  • Ode to Kicker
  • Ineffable
  • 2 months 3 days
  • everchanging
  • In the past...right. (title change)
  • Night Games
  • Jazzy

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