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  • comments: 92
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Ah... tired.

Poems by Rynne:
  • Gunslinger's Requiem
  • yellow rose death
  • Kunai
  • I'd Hang You On My Wall
  • beautiful tragic
  • I Realized I Missed You (a pseudo-pantoum)
  • hey poet-boy
  • Shakespearean Allusions (working title)
  • Real Life is Panera Bread
  • Streets Women
  • The Prophetess of Delmar Loop
  • There's A Place I Know
  • Galilei, A Love Story
  • Shoebox Memories (apparently NOT French Poetry, but still french poetry)
  • The Black Lace Rebellion
  • techno raving greenlight flashy (a study in rhythm)
  • Shakespeare for Razorblades
  • If I had a band, I'd name it Mock Heroic
  • Drowning Arlecchino
  • A Requiem For You And I
  • Resentment in a Kimono Sleeve
  • Josey Wales Rides to Shangri-la
  • A Step, A Chime-- the monk in Harajuku
  • super sonic still frame
  • Porcelain doll called Empty
  • flatline vertigo
  • Waltz Impulse, a love in threes.
  • I wanna be etherized on your table.
  • To The Lucky Shot:
  • Finding Arlecchino
  • Burning Bridges (One Horse)
  • Shooting Glass Jars
  • Short and Sweet
  • while waiting to meet you for the first time
  • love poetry over IHOP pancakes
  • [SI] Sid Vicious couldn't play bass
  • beautiful in love with you
  • Cleaning kitchen floors
  • Love (I'm lonely when you're sleeping and I cannot)
  • Railroads (And Everything Falls Apart)
  • The Death of Yellow
  • Mr. Stitch-Doctor's Love Poem
  • the impasse

Rynne's favorite poems:
  • [runscript] fucking run
  • Isis (Girl With The Egyptian Cat)

Poems Rynne has recently commented on:
  • the impasse
  • beautiful in love with you
  • Railroads (And Everything Falls Apart)
  • Mind: The greatest affliction of Man
  • Cleaning kitchen floors
  • Love (I'm lonely when you're sleeping and I cannot)
  • abandon
  • Switching No.1s

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