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if you are here this is what i have to say:


Poems by Rixes:
  • Jonathon's Oh-So-Grand, "Extravagant" and Notoriously B.I.G. Celebration
  • Morning Dew
  • The Loveliest of Moments
  • somehow enthralled. (aye! cu)
  • A Dance of Evening Moths and Euphoria
  • The Multicolor Spectacle of My Own Moving Dreams
  • eat me again
  • Making Love with Cummings
  • piecemeal
  • she in silk tonight
  • I wrote a poem, once
  • at the redlight she sat
  • fishnet 'n outside space
  • of willowy trees and weed-choked lawns
  • so sigh
  • through the perils of few and short years
  • little boy curious
  • appoggiatura
  • yawning in autumn
  • Carol of the Belts
  • beautiful white orchids alive in bloom (edit)
  • his eyes were swollen so we danced
  • like catching butterflies
  • multicolor icicles
  • swimming (the only way to breathe)
  • & [blink] television commercials
  • SICK (Clarity Pyramid)
  • lavender rain.
  • of greenness, grayness and fishlike things
  • —bliss (edited)
  • gens de couleur libres
  • since my last name's mcghee
  • "being hit in the head by flying snowball can't be worse than this," they thought
  • a man by the river one night to pray
  • (FOTO Friday 8) unsynchronized love and aggression
  • bishop takes the queen
  • morning/evening (haiku)
  • (FOTO Friday 11) Oh, by the Rhythm of the Windy, Looming Night
  • somewhere watching weeds fold
  • hiroshima won't be as sweet
  • prom night with frost (noodlefetish edits)
  • Irish Liquor, American Beer.
  • INRI
  • delirious wanderings; stargazing home
  • algebra class and factoring jazz
  • Mulberry Trees Don't Grow in New Orleans
  • mary; mary; quite contrary
  • ebony, ivory and and a little bit of rime
  • we look up at the flashing sky, smile, and see
  • SUICIDAL SUNS (repost)
  • beignet afternoons (foggier omens too gray to read)
  • (FOTO Friday 24) cheap tear ducts and rainbows
  • when sun and moon divorce: a revolution
  • on the behavior of the nostalgic and newly comatose
  • dusting life off the venetian blinds
  • monday, in comes more blinds [still dusting p.II]
  • at cockcrow i am subject to see (across the street, that is)
  • fold me / over like a napkin
  • soup days
  • odd fellow's rest
  • my katrina collection
  • i miss
  • of leaves, limbs and breathing in
  • ...wanting what won't...
  • On Marriage
  • i had a moving dream
  • punctuated love.
  • Written upon a Dusty Windowsill in a Gutted Room
  • On reading Kubla Khan
  • i. a recipe for life and the things thereafter or how to break an egg
  • ii. Mama had a big, ol’ plum tree
  • On Prometheus' Humanity (Object Poem)
  • To sit on an iron bench
  • knowing the voices:
  • plight of a moth
  • love means forever (a Late Macabre Poem)
  • mr. roloff lives on a cul-de-sac
  • on being homeless in new york city
  • questions asked before the funeral
  • the way love is
  • flirting in the dark
  • should i pause to write
  • our minds are trains, derailed (for claudia)
  • (FOTO FRIDAY 1) pink elephants weren't of man's construction
  • because the bible tells me so
  • Requiem for an Autumn’d Leaf
  • in loving remembrance of poetry
  • mista andouille is what i names ‘im
  • on the Isle of Lesbos,
  • On Matres
  • someone's manhattan
  • Beneath the Mistletoe She Stood: A Carol
  • seven, metaphor & germane
  • love, by definition:
  • The Rhyme of the Drummer Pawed
  • miss lady the ride’s over
  • she sighs farewell with tea
  • god does exist
  • another night dead
  • The sun is just beginning to leak
  • in response to jamie pt. ii
  • conceit to a bible's dream
  • in stage two of learning to cope.

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