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you dirty cunts.

"a true master needs not degrade anyone else in order to rise above. mastery ought to naturally ascend, without malice.

a dillettante, however, must always drown others in order to breathe." -noodleman rip

Poems by OKcomputer:

  • suicide by kite.
  • monkey runs.
  • Gloria K. Fiero; fiero.
  • Yellow Yellow Bride
  • waiting in the President's Garden.
  • bbq
  • a short silent plea / for he that i am lacking:
  • a quiet afterlife for Earwig Bently.
  • girl flashing an impressive pair.
  • Carlos Fletcher-Felch
  • poem for the pews
  • sittin all skinny in a vulkswagon (ode to Christ)
  • poem for J.M.R.V. regarding his absence and my brother feels the same way.
  • poem by alex.
  • poem by alex.
  • poem while high on drugs
  • a cigarette for breakfast
  • I don't know.
  • just drink a lot of water
  • Blue Dog bites
  • hats
  • hello buddha
  • The revolution
  • snow day poem
  • snow
  • kisses, an ending.

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  • girl flashing an impressive pair.
  • oh, honey dutch
  • We Both Hate Their Music
  • an obituary in advance
  • Life is a Job
  • This Time

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