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I write poetry. I'm not much for reading it--unless it is recommended by others. I often get bored reading long poems that I find boring or just babble. Though I sometimes write long poems that are just plain babble. I write what I want to write because that is the way I feel and think. I don't really change my writing style for others, but if I feel it makes my poetry better, I do. Which is natural, I must think. Etc., etc... NAME: Mia... AGE: 15... BIRTHDAY: August fifth... NATIONALITY: Filipino... Well, that's it.

Poems by MJT13:
  • Nature's Offspring
  • Cupid, the Rebel
  • Gaea's Tears
  • We
  • Indispensable
  • Frailty
  • Delusions
  • Tell Me
  • A Bullet
  • Losing Myself
  • Digging Your Grave
  • Faithless
  • Love and Rape
  • Sweet Sin
  • Steak and Wine
  • Linger
  • Skin
  • Prison on Earth
  • See Me Cry
  • Charred Angel
  • I Almost Died
  • Your Favorite Flavor
  • Depression Addict
  • The Paradigm of Friendship
  • Awake With You
  • Heartbeat
  • Two Paragons
  • Romance with a Razorblade

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