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To me, the whole world is living and livable art. I know, that sounds so pretentious, but I don't deny that I induldge in my wording every so often....I'm a poet, after all. Words are my way of replicating my ideas into a form that helps me understand myself, helps me understand others, and hopefully lets other people see ideas that they may connect to, spun through my eyes. That said, I'm Lexie. I'm 18yrs old. I'm female. I'm generally either dramatic or curt. I'm thoughtful, as in full of thought and I'm a terrible speller.

Poems by Lexie:
  • The Simple Few
  • Why I Won't Deny (Poem written for 'Coming Out Day')
  • 24-Hour Man
  • A Decent, Eccentric Poet's Depression.
  • I Know What The Bearded Ladies Say.
  • Finding Rock and Roll in the Back Seat (Song)*
  • Sun-Spotted Memories.
  • Unrequited Intensity.
  • Shot the Shit With The Boys.
  • The Peak
  • Meeting Central Park
  • A Little Sunday Release (Carnival of Grease)
  • Sleepless Smile
  • Becoming a Poem in Climax

Lexie's favorite poems:
  • Not Exactly Okay
  • Mad Man's Garden
  • so i was told on a spring day
  • Marry me
  • It's hard to name a poem when you're hungover
  • fate was in love
  • local flavor
  • Simplicities (Revised)
  • oh, honey dutch

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  • oh, honey dutch
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