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Poet Is None Other Than...Inuki

Poetry filled with allusions and references, mostly obscure.

Apparently, everything in life is an illusion, or mere delusions of the human mind. Since Inuki itself does not know what drives it to write, I shall have to make this up, from what I have perceived.

Inuki is a troubled soul, yet does not realise it. This is partially because it does not believe in the concept of soul. Inuki is motivated by a drive to find out why it is human, and forever searching for "truth"; does God* exist?

Small cats and television.

[Skilled in]
Reaching somewhere and bringing to life poetry which has the power to make one cry and soul feel saddened.

A lot of Japanese references and imagery.

Japanese knack for understatement, yet creating some vivid imagery.

[Status on site]
Needs kick, but otherwise a good and intelligent, well versed chap.

*Refer to Edenic references in its poetry. "Eulogy for a Roofer" is a good place to start.

thanks to wendz for the analyzation

[Favourite Poets] T.S. Eliot, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Yeats, Tristan Tzara, Ezra Pound

[Favourite PC Poets & Friends]
Aforbing, Dandy, Isabelle5, Kaleidazcope, noodleman, Onklcrispy, peanut, Root, Semaj, Wendz, william, Zepplin42.

[Languages] French, Japanese, Queen's English, Chinese, Yiddish, Hebrew, Latin.

[Interests] Philosophy, Japan, Animation, Anime, Art History, Literature, Poetry, Creative Writing, Law, Web Design, PS2, Japanese Stationary.

Feel free to drop me a line via e-mail some time, I'd be glad to chat on MSN.

I'm really not trying to brag, but I just wanted to emphasize some of the wonderful poetry contests I've participated in, held in and outside of PC:

AI's Algorithimic Poetry Challenge: 2nd place winner

AEOS Poetry Contest: 1st Place Winner

National Canadian Poetry Contest (1999): 2nd Place Winner

RANT Ubyssey Poetry Contest (2005): 1st Place Winner

Poems by Inuki:
  • the day was very backwards
  • whup yap
  • the last tic-tac
  • monotone innuendo
  • anecdote: realization
  • dead breath
  • free-loading truckers
  • :[ wish upon my star ]:
  • ++ Commemoration
  • Burying Liquor and Corpses
  • "one nail and you've had it"
  • E-jaculation
  • after all
  • all out of buses
  • all of heaven's petals
  • allusion to Ray joke
  • h e a d A e c h
  • amend the [ amendment
  • alimentary idiosyncracy INSERT
  • 45 minutes extended into the week
  • does it hurt?
  • more pathetic than
  • i came out all whispers
  • wipe it off
  • aunties on it
  • the dye campaign's humiliation
  • that the sun sets
  • Requiem for Pennylane
  • When I Do Sit and Read of Keats
  • the torn heart of a vintage record
  • certainly it is imperfect...
  • Muscat Gummy
  • Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark
  • ripping my hair out from its ends
  • \\ pomp without circumstance
  • once i had a girlfriend made of chocolate
  • selenicereus
  • Where Few Wash
  • ersaph, i want to fuck you
  • Melancholy Ode to Ray
  • that water can wash away all tears
  • even were i temper'd flame
  • i can't tell
  • work phenomenon, a compensation for hatred
  • exhumation
  • we have given our hearts away, (a sordid boon!)
  • fallen from grace
  • iris of the doomsayer
  • Regret in Blues: A Concerto
  • Pour les hommes, La vie heureuse n'existe pas (Revised)
  • August Wilts
  • a star burnt out
  • the lamentable hecatomb of humanity
  • Eulogy for a Roofer
  • some words on writing
  • may shame befall you
  • False October Love (Crying Seems Cathartic)
  • that we have each other.
  • [AI] he made mistakes, but still got up and smiled
  • where has your saviour gone?
  • who may measure how far a raindrop falls?
  • a million envelopes addressed to no one.
  • The Forgotten Choruses
  • Sensou Suru Nara Yumi, Yari, Ken da Tatakae
  • achromatic
  • my mother stole my favorite shoes and ate them because they were covered in rain.!
  • Giraffe Soup
  • expatriation of a legend: charm of ruin
  • grave world
  • valse du roi d'épouvantail
  • the plight of men
  • delusions over le champagne des ginger ales
  • Lesson Given to the Mascar'd School (Revised)
  • without words (no prowess)
  • the dualistic kartajan (lord of the desert)
  • the construction worker's charm
  • even the crow no longer welcomes rain
  • 7 new quatrains no milkshake
  • mesophillic starter, rennet and butter muslin (Revised)
  • the bus conceit
  • To Nagasaki,
  • ihavenothingleft
  • watercolour catastrophe
  • the obese lady conceit
  • checkerboard boy
  • Chinese Take-Out
  • [AEOS] through the mist the pathway narrows
  • shadows in the rain
  • the car's on fire and there's no driver at the wheel
  • 灰及び塵
  • or so she says
  • you do not understand! Being
  • the sun is but a youth in your backyard
  • GOD, DESOLATION! (endurance is a dead pirate)
  • the words which i wish i could speak are not words at all
  • spider-lady
  • Prima un Ballo in Maschera
  • "hello" i said the sky was crimson overhead
  • midnight street sojourn
  • sometimes when i hear doors creak
  • her monday pants
  • without sun we go mad for the taste of false air.
  • songs for turnips
  • the games we played when we were young
  • the water gushing into his ears smelled like heritage (Revised)
  • that night i tore your paintings to pieces
  • i should have bought a cat instead
  • ichido shikai nai life (this one-chance life)
  • as with memories, we fade
  • hibernation of the meek
  • Copernicus and the Tragically Lost First Season of "Iron Chef"
  • we put camel breakers out of business
  • carrying on (in liar's proverbs)
  • prophecy of the gypsy queen
  • a music box heard over the sound of a jackhammer
  • the ferris wheel is broken in sixteen different ways
  • the doppelgänger's daughter
  • The Snake Eats its Own Tail, for the Apple was one of Gettier's Facsimiles
  • The Book of Retribution
  • remarks made to my birthday-self
  • table d'hote: transient dinner guests
  • i never knew horseshoes were so unlucky
  • where is lady godiva when you need her?
  • devilfish
  • below the dewpoint
  • Jonkvrouwe Delphine Michèle Anne Marie Boël is kept hush hush
  • tinsel on a hot tin roof
  • A Dandy's Farewell
  • an fa xiàn jiàn miàn bàn shù yi shà qióng bào qu
  • this is your failure, (together and alone)
  • on the monastic tendencies of man
  • downpour on the midnight train
  • a sit under a
  • i would prefer not (edit)
  • ho yi goes to the field to see his far distant loved one
  • i didn't realize that i was just the sidekick
  • Cruising (Aki Mix)
  • some lines found washed ashore
  • the halls are decked with death
  • the santa claus parade drowned today
  • one wintry mornin'; polite interruptions in a civil society
  • bologna
  • sanctuary
  • Tales of the Antichrist - I. The Broken Wheel
  • some lines on standing out in the rain
  • brave new waves
  • the tale of steamclock and blackmouth girl
  • rivalry of two inorganic objects
  • hockey is worthy of analysis
  • Ode to a Greek Bastard
  • small moments

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  • i didn't realize that i was just the sidekick
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