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I am Super Amazing.

Poems by InMyBlood:
  • For Tomorrow We Die
  • A Few Ounces of Thought
  • Reflections In A Not So Pleasant Chlorine Bath
  • May 21st 3:19 A.M.
  • Store Brand Batteries
  • 16 miles never seemed so far away
  • She'll Have The Chicken For Dinner and Her Fingers For Dessert
  • This Is Not Rome
  • Marionettes Were Far Less Controlling
  • A Modern Muse
  • God for an Hour
  • Westward Expulsion
  • When Prosthetics Won't Keep It Beating
  • From Hospital Beds
  • Existence is Futile
  • When Cardinals Are Caught In Razor Wire
  • Handicappable You Will Remain
  • The Streets
  • Silencing Cries of "RAHOWA"
  • Lies Created in Clinics
  • Misconception: Art
  • Misconception: Sweet 13
  • An Outdated Revolution
  • Chemistry for lovers
  • Concave is Greater Than or Equal to Convex
  • Fuck You, Charlie Brown
  • Adultery to the Tune of Dilated Pupils (Foto Fridays)
  • (Foto Friday) Godliness Is Licking The Wounds Of Your Irradiated Lover
  • Rhythm Rhyme and Reason Fail To Enter The Same Equation
  • On Conversing In Alternate States Of Consciousness
  • Molesting the Ivory
  • Circulatory Systematic Response To Stimulation
  • Get Out of The Office and Back Into The Kitchen
  • News on the Rialto is Antonio Gave Up a Pound of Flesh to a Fence
  • And There 'ill be a Thunderin' Sound
  • Here's One For You Artless High Handed Moral Fuck.
  • Food Is A Far Cry From Fulfillment
  • Cut Up Pin Up
  • Blowing glass
  • The Second Coming
  • This Baby was Stillborn
  • Angola Prision Blues
  • Six Gun and Six Lives
  • A victim?

InMyBlood's favorite poems:
  • Discovering equality through petty vandalism.
  • Economy Redefined
  • Get Hooked on Silence
  • SECTION 18: scuba moose[winkle-orsonist/shatner( zan)slack consumption and oscillation prayer]
  • Life Science
  • Reemergence of our Path
  • eupnea

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