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Starting over.

Poems by Hear:
  • An Apparition in the Wind
  • The Chaotic Eye
  • Menace
  • Convulsions Prey on Doorways
  • Fury in the Brewery
  • The Blade in the Pumping Sea
  • Green Cinders
  • Like a Boat
  • Day Has Broken
  • The Release and Purification of Toxins
  • Recede of the Mountain
  • Heaven in the Grounds of Death
  • Living in the Place of Dying
  • The Stone Falls like Water
  • Behind This Face
  • The Wardrobe of Rotten Words
  • Folding Paper with Glass
  • The White Rose
  • A Letter to Survival
  • Declarations
  • Beyond the Crease of Twilight
  • A Choice beside Personal Rank
  • An Explosive Theory on the End of Existence
  • They Could Care Less about Tomorrow
  • If You're Patience Enough, Dear Patient ...
  • The Empty Lot

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  • The Empty Lot
  • Behind This Face
  • Folding Paper with Glass
  • Failure
  • They Could Care Less about Tomorrow
  • The Black Locus
  • Poets
  • http://poetry.tetto.org/mypoem s/post/25204/

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