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I am an Italian brat from northern California, currently in school to become a Physician's Assistant and have appeared in a variety of poetry, photography and art journals, both online and in print. I am the author of Scenes from the Station, avaliable at FootHills Publishing. I am the Assistant Editor for The IBPC, Chief Photography Editor for Surfaceonline, and the board owner of The Versifier Online Poetry and Art Forum. Some publications include: Stirring, A little Poetry (forth coming), Mannequin Envy (forth coming), Quercus Review, Pearl, Confused Muse, Poetry Super Highway, From East to West, The Beat, Poetry Canada,63 Channels, Antipatico, Thunder Sandwich, Spent Meat, Underground Voices, Zygote in My Coffee, 12 Gauge, The Melic Review, Surface, All Things Girl, Erosha, Poems Niendergasse, Haggard and Halloo, Locust, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, and Babel Magazine.

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  • 3am
  • Plowing the Dark
  • Breaking Benjamin

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