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find it in your mind to see around the plain bold face of what you thought you already learned

Poems by Estrella:
  • FlashBack
  • Down-Bee
  • Epileptic Ash Man
  • The Secret World of a True Bi-Sexual
  • Agoraphobic Manifesto
  • Armor and the Dying Thrusts of the Wretched
  • Continued Blue
  • The Old Stop-watch Trick
  • Manacles of Freedom
  • Whale
  • RetroIrony
  • The Nadir of the Flat Dimension
  • Eye-Fucked Mirrors
  • Scarlet Amethyst
  • The Bending of Seduction

Estrella's favorite poems:
  • Funeral For A Large Man
  • females
  • The Sacred Order of Pipers
  • There is an icicle forming over my third eye
  • two photographs, taken with the same roll of film,
  • I Believe
  • blue spot
  • The Folding
  • *Your*Stage*Face*
  • Stoic Evening on Lake Champlain
  • My Idle Depression
  • Mercy Clamp
  • Meditation On Brown Auras
  • 3000 Vows of I'll Never (theSUPERedit)
  • Whore For Tea
  • Pulling Down the Moon
  • i'll find it in cyberspace
  • Your Brunette Ocean
  • a wish for soon
  • Staring Down the Moon
  • the red in the corner
  • Afterbirth Cursing a Female Incarnation
  • lady fear came for me, to stay, beau monde

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