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The only thing that separates a rule from a statement is the people who follow it.

If a compulsive liar tells you he's lying, should you believe him?

Endless thanks to all my friends...

And just so you know... I'm 18 years old. I write to escape reality. This is an art form. If you need to know anything else about me, then click the link to the blog above. If you have a Livejournal and would like to be added to my friends list (which allows you to read a bit more into my life), then leave a comment on the most recent public entry. I have all comments emailed to me, so I'll get the comment, whether I check back for it or not.

AIM == broskydogg

AEOS has reached the 100 poem mark. i will now be posting only with my new pen name, mould_jesus.

Poems by AEOS:
  • Life Lesson
  • Razorblade/Slide Catch
  • Intoxicating
  • Drill it Harder
  • Blind Fate
  • Advertised God
  • The Cure
  • New Age Army
  • Sleeparound
  • Writer's Block
  • I am Jack's intense hate...
  • A new kind of art
  • something happened to me
  • Losing a Fight (rebuilt)
  • Current Events (why?)
  • Black Hawk Down
  • A phone conversation
  • Beauty in an eye
  • Mould Jesus
  • [Default Compiler]
  • Reform Artist
  • Part 2.
  • Memories of a home wasted
  • Brutality
  • Invalid Correction
  • Eulogy
  • Deadweight
  • Becoming God
  • not quite breakable
  • nine
  • Change for the Better?
  • The Unbearable Brilliance of Our “Broken Hearts”
  • I just can't...
  • Symphony in Grey
  • George W. Bush and his turkey hunt... of mass destruction
  • the knife in your back
  • holding
  • Diablo Blows a Smoke Ring
  • A loser's post-love poem.
  • Cluster Fuck
  • independent film
  • charredskullkillswing
  • dripping rag
  • molotov
  • Cain and Abel
  • Manifest
  • "Burn and Perish"
  • In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Ritual
  • choke
  • broken but beautiful
  • urbane
  • The viscosity of fear
  • Killing Pablo
  • holy in less than one way
  • Zoetrope
  • Fairy Tales
  • Halo to the Grave
  • Why the fuck am I here?
  • fliesfuck
  • Blackened Blue
  • seven deadly sins
  • House of Sin and Glory
  • Apothecary
  • Holocaust Eve
  • Black Eyeliner
  • [AI] Triptych
  • The Butcher
  • ed gein
  • tangle
  • foil.
  • thirteen down
  • skull and crossthorns
  • the gauntlet
  • throwing rocks at your reflection
  • fester
  • discovering the titanic in jack daniels' pond
  • the sting of genius
  • smokescreen
  • television
  • liverstick
  • skeletal
  • dive down
  • the burning
  • nineteen eighty four
  • a state of consciousness
  • communist manifesto
  • portraits of rusted steel through bloodied window panes
  • point blank stiletto
  • freedom?
  • paradise lost
  • darwinism for the fittest
  • on sifting through the contents of an old jacket's pocket
  • apathy
  • elegy
  • sweet release
  • five seven five
  • by six degrees of separation
  • a list of phrases to be written down on paper strips and burned
  • "For spent cartridges (brass)"

AEOS's favorite poems:
  • [AEOS] through the mist the pathway narrows

Poems AEOS has recently commented on:
  • [AEOS] through the mist the pathway narrows
  • "For spent cartridges (brass)"
  • one corrupt thought replaced with another
  • Confessions Of an Innocent Murderer
  • a list of phrases to be written down on paper strips and burned
  • she f*ck'n hates me and she tore my feelings like i had none - song on the radio, i have to write it
  • liverstick
  • Becoming God

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