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the sticker is in your car

barrels flow
east to west
to the country
that is best
160,000,000 bumpers
shout our insatiable thirst
so we [save the seals!]
cute ones first
3000 soiled
miles of lust
we change our oil
     changed us

1 Aug 04

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really good
 — cfaber

I like this. A lot.
 — unknown

line 4 - west/best rhyme is cringe-worthy

line 12 - Why not add an * to that to tie it in with the last one?

I don't know of anything else I'd change I like the abstract feeling of this very well written.
 — Resonanz

i like this, very tree hugger, like myself :D. i would rather have L12 lined up with the rest of the poem.the rest is grrreat!
 — SweetPain

Ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah!  

Runnin' down a dream....
 — Isabelle5

i dont agree with sweetpain i think having L12 seperate makes it more of a statement. i like it a lot though
 — unknown

Just in time for a gas-price increase!  Still good.
 — Isabelle5

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