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he will find his own

this is a song. hence the repetition.

I can see how hard this is,
how difficult it must be
living beneath his shadow,
reminded constantly.
Your name bears memory
of his life trials
and its become too much
Take it all down,
destroy his name,
contentment within
egoless anonymity.
How long after she left him
did she desert you too?
Selfishness comes easy
with addiction claiming you.
Your name bears memory
of his publicity
and its become too much.
Take it all down,
rearrange his name.
Find contentment in
egoless anonymity.

26 Jul 04

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Hmm...I think you should probably change the title so it is grammatically correct.
 — lifted

i love it
 — unknown

Nothing wrong with your title's grammar, but I have another headache.
 — wendz

Hey Shelby, I really love this poem. It has a good voice speaking out in this and I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the awesome work!
 — unknown

"your name bears memory of his publicity"

fucking awesome. i like this one.