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heavy hand/heart
hold heart/hands
five fish float
fresh flowers
sew snow: sky
sew sand: stone
sew small: seeds
wife washes
we walk
warm water
  red road
long lake lies
leaf laughs
narrow nose nears
new neck
two tails
three tongues
think thin ties

peas from 207 words.
couldnt resist...

3 Jul 04

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Vintage gnormal here.

I really wanted to see how you would approach the word limit;  to me, the most interesting part of reading people's entries was seeing how they approached the word limit.  Needless to say, no one really did anything close to what you're doing here.

I especially like stanzas 3, 5 and the last one, but I don't think this would feel complete if you hadn't included as many as you did.  Love the title, too.  As many others have pointed out again and again, you have terrific instincts about your poems.  I am sure I am not the only one here envious of that.

 — unknown

Nice.  Simple, yet complex.  A good combo.
 — FemmeInLA

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