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i'll TELL you what. (A)

the attitude with which we walk about.

i understand why i am here.
i know what to do.
i know how to show people why they should like me.
my life is well balanced.
i can give you some advice.
i have plenty of time.
i am comfortable in most conversations.
i look forward to talking to strangers.
i have it all together, just a little more than you.
what, this old thing?
i am comfortable.
i love very well.  thank you.
only smart people know how smart i am.
i have many secret valuable business ideas.
i'm an excellent driver.
i became bored with chess.  i'm working on my second book.
i'm ahead of the schedule i've made for myself,
     thanks to good weather.
if you spied on me, you'd be impressed.
i know you have seen the way i step into my car.
i chuckle about my past, with which i am satisfied.
i was there long ago, before the way was paved.
i did that years ago, when it was more difficult.
my wild and crazy days were embarrassingly wild.
i have misplaced the awards i've received.
i can drink more than you, but i've got to get up early
     and take advantage.
i like you.  you remind me of me
     when i was less developed.
i exercise for two hours every day, but i took today off.
i watch less tv than you, and read more.  always have.
this pda was a gift.
ask anyone who knows me.

1 Nov 02

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I like it paired with part B, but it doesn't work as well on its own, while part B I believe does.
 — abby

i really like "i love very well. thank you." but the rest seems lacking.
 — username

Ahhh, the cliches by which we live our lives.
 — Lossandra

 — unknown

The attitude with which we "strut" about, maybe.....
I liked the bitchy "i'm better than you" attitude. And it reads surprisingly well for all the repeating "I"s
 — silly


 — unknown

How arrogant and eloquent.  I didn't know that was possible.
 — themolly

how did i miss this one???

gnormal you make me wish i was older so i had more and more clever ideas for poetry.

you've got to see the other part of this, too to get the complete idea (even though both stand well enough on their own)

yeah, TELL me about it (B)

about type A and B personalities i think.

excellent driver, rainman.  :)
 — root

  very much  smart n comfortably simple, thou too much egocentric !  like lines 12 n 13

ha...I guess I am type A
 — nightengale

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