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She came to him
with tears in her eyes
He brushed them away
with  *All New*
from Ronco
She clung to his comfort
but could not hold on
She was trash to another
and then she was gone
Later, he was stabbed
through the heart
with a K-Tel
As Seen on CCTV

24 Sep 02

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i love this. it's brilliant.
 — unknown

This is great.
 — unknown

lol...um i dont get it...
 — unknown

Do you read Bloom County?
 — zepplin42

Sheer kitsch
 — unknown

Never heard of "Bloom County",   must saddle up bloodhound!  Is 'kitsch', vulgar good or vulgar bad, these days?
 — unknown

nice. great rhythm changes, compact in one rhythm at the end perception of this poem.
 — listen

Heh! Thanks for digging this up. Glad you liked. :)
 — unknown