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Made in The Shade

When good plants and animals
reach the end of their life
and are just about to expire,
they concentrate hopefully,
"Talking monkey
talking monkey
talking monkey.
Please, please, please.
Talking monkey
talking monkey
talking monkey..."

4 Feb 02

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they want to be reincarnated like us?
 — unknown

I want to like your poetry, but it's just too hard for me to understand. The first four lines are promising, but I don't understand the "Talking Monkey" bit at all.
 — unknown

ITV Digital itv digital.
Nice one, gnorm.
 — unknown

i completely missed it the first time.
second time, nice.
i'd just drop the "repeating" completely.
 — jade

nice one
 — unknown

I like this one alot.
 — hogrot

youre right jade.
i removed "repeating".
 — gnormal

karma was never so cleverly wrought. took me a second but i am dumb. excellent, original piece of work.
 — werkzeug

Hah, that's excellent.
 — Point5

 — NO

to the point. I like it.
 — Ananke

And stirred with a spade, and then it's good enough for any old maid.
 — unknown

Heh, very good indeed.
 — Moose

It took me a couple reads to completely understand, they are hoping to be reincarnated as humans, very funny and original.
 — unknown

 — unknown

thats kinda weird there like no fun in that poem sorry i dont really like it!
 — unknown

I love line 4.  I don't get all your stuff, but when I do, I feel tremendous envy.
 — unknown

dont have notthing to say to ths awful thing
 — unknown

Ah. I get it. I really do. Humans are talking monkeys, correct? I can see why the good little plants and animals envy our long life spans.
 — OKcomputer

Oh. Reincarnation works too. :-D I was close.
 — OKcomputer

Wonderful... it goes well with coffee and pancakes. I can tell this will be an awesome day.
 — CrimsonStorm

Oh man, for some reason I kept reading 'money' instead of 'monkey', so I wasn't getting it, then I did, and I love it.
 — shadowskiss

I love. Love love love. It's so damn cute! ^_^
 — unknown

I don't uderstand it reply to me and explain ok. always got balls to put it out though.
 — emo

 — unknown

 — unknown

An original concept and idea, you are indeed an innovative individual.  Keep up the good work!
 — unknown

i hate this poem.

-a good plant

 — noodleman

good poem!

-talking monkey

 — noodleman

lol, silly Noodles
 — unknown

Line 7 needs a period.
 — unknown

i'd rather be a good plant..
 — inutile

Hm... trippy the more you re-read.
 — unknown

Ridiculous.  You slam my well crafted verse, but you are not even a poet, so I laugh, as your words are laughable.
 — ThomasGoss

 — unknown

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