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can't sleep

so I can't sleep...and paper is too thin to hug
your golden hair has lost its shine
the missing piece in a three-part jigsaw
do you believe in human sacrifice?
there are no words, too small to relieve me
but I guess that I hope that you know it
so i can't sleep... and paper is too thin to hug
the devil stares and laughes from his bed
don't cry tonight, I've tears enough for both of us
just smile as I remember you instead
you grew in my soul and I cannot forget it
my music has the rhythm of your drum
but one day when it stops and
you will be waiting
I'll see you my brother
my blood my soul my drum

this was written as a song after a suicide that changed my life

9 Sep 02

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Ah, that is truly a horrible poem. Not that it's bad, just depressing.
 — Moose

i keep reading this and putting off rating it because i like it so much. haha. however, i've decided that now is the time for me to make my decision... and i think it's so incredibly good. high five.
 — done

nice poem/song.

line 16 is great.
 — topop

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