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4 Feb 02

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I'm not sure I really get your poetry. This one kind of appeals to me though.
 — unknown

 — unknown

didn't like this one until *just* *now*.
do you realize how long ago i read that for the first time?
 — jade

no, how long?
and why just now?
 — gnormal

This is good. Too short and abstract to be haiku. New style? what's it called?
 — mouser8r

first read:
said, 'okay, whatever.'
second read:
laughed as I got it.
 — semaj

Ahhh, weird! I like this.
 — Moose

purty cool.
 — classy_ha

.that sound your face makes in your head.-
 — misspell

I guess the site hadn't really ramped up yet. Pretty lame.
 — unknown

OO!  Medical/scientific refrence?  Am I confused or was that really cool?  
 — unknown

This is wordplay as it's meant to be played. I love that aside from the two most obvious reasons you get the bonus third and forth reason by transposing the reading of either of the final lines --
 — unknown

I like it, really... I'm not sure why. Maybe because of its simplicity...
 — tiny

hey... neet play on words...
 — aforbing

Neat* aforbing. ;)
 — Kiss

No... I meant it like that--I, too, wished to play on words.  
 — aforbing

i love it...
 — Minx

This is not a poem.
 — unknown

Hey Poetry God, nice to hear from you again!
 — gnormal

for unknown:

shu-bop, shu-bay!
 — gnormal

wut to deep man
 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

I knew by reading the title that this is a gnormal poem.  Gnormal reeks of awesome-ness. I've learned to appreciate his kind of poetry.  I can't say I really like this poem, but it has a fun play on words.  I still appreciate it though...the "trance forms"= transforms.  "your cell"= yourself...clever.~Chris King
 — FrChris

 — unknown

this is great. short and simple.

the title is spelled: ourselves.  and line 2 is transforms.  you have really crappy spelling.
 — sassybnyss

ha ha=============================Ha ha
 — unknown


 — unknown

i get it! and i love it! i can't exactly call it a poem, but it is clever and cute. "wity banter run amuck"
 — stainedsteel

huh!?!?! i dont get it
 — unknown

I get it, and I like it, and I like that I had to read it more than once to understand it.
 — unknown

haiku, with wordplay and a message
I like it, my cell has been all turd
 — cowork

I love it. Genius. Like a modern day prophet.
 — winter

nice little bit of circular word play.
 — unknown

 — unknown

Please spell the title proper.
 — unknown

hey gallo

i don't get this

is there someding to get?

cause if there is then there really isn't.

Duracell and everready
 — unknown

I guess I picked a moldin goldie, but I wanted to see what your poems are like. By this? I have to say slightly contriversial and frowned upon by the unknown god of poet trees. I like word play. That's how I fell in love with form poetry to begin with. One of my first questions was, "But why would you want to do that?" Answer was, "because you can."
 — NeighborDi

I feel trapt within the reverberations of the meaning of this poem. Can't...stop...reading...help!
 — unknown

not getting it
 — unknown

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