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                                             IN  THE  FIELD
       YOU  CAN  SEE  THEM
                      ALWAYS  LISTENING
                                       OLD  AS  THE  HILLS
                              THEY GROW ON
                        EACH  TO  EACH
                                       FEELING  FOR  ROOTS
                 YOUNG  AS  THE  SPRING
                               NOT  ALWAYS  SO
       IN  OUR  FACE

refrigerator magnet impressionism.  please go with me for a minute before saying it sounds like the quote of the month for april on a cheap watercolor print calendar.  there are several things going on which i hesitate to enumerate.  hope it's ok to borrow 3 words from ts eliot.  i dare to think that they will sing for me.

11 Mar 04

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I like it. I saw its depth before I read the part where you felt the need to explain it. Then again, flowers have special meaning to me of late. We always add our own meaning into the thing we read it seems. Or I do anyway. But yeah, I really like this. The form works great to get the depth and atmosphere across too, at least imho. I especially like "always listening". That's Good. "Bursting silently", too. Also, "each to each". I really like poetry like this that says so much with so few words.
 — elysium

I'm looking too hard now that I know to be looking for something. I find I'm even tilting my head sideways to catch something. peripheries.

I need more discussion so they will show themselves.  sometimes I can be the slowest reader ever. I think it's because I'm jewish. or maybe also because I'm new at this. : )
 — beatbitch

and I mean discussion from people on the site, not dicussion from the poem itself. just to clear that up.

ahh my words are often blurred, like oiled newsprint.
 — beatbitch

is it about war?
 — unknown

not for me, but that's pretty cool.
 — gnormal

people as......flowers?
 — beatbitch

the reason i asked is because it sort of reminded me of a wilfred owen type vibe.
 — unknown


simultaneously borrowing this sentiment where people = citizens,

1986 - Dmitri Prigov began hanging his "garbage" on Moscow trees - scraps of paper, all signed by "Dmitri Aleksandrovich":
"Citizens, the faces of children and kittens remind us of eternity".
"Citizens, if you trample the grass and destroy the bird's nest, how will you be able to look your mother in the face?"
"Citizens, a tree is innocent and pure. It doesn't have a premonition of evil."

also theres the elemental fridge magnetism,

the random rearrangability,
(some readings (merely) suggested by the horizontal spacing)

and the straight reading which i think would work nicely even if thats all it was.

trying to do a lot without getting smarmy.  
did i dood it?
 — gnormal

reaper is SOMEONE who is feeling for roots?
 — unknown

b-e-a-u-tiful .
 — stainedsteel

i like this bunches, andi love magentic poetry

sometimes the best comes from there
 — tragicbubble

 — unknown

lottery winner random pop up. Exciting poem. unusual in a way that definitely sings to me.
 — borntodance

I would like some ideas on a poem please there seem to be some interesting things you have put into this poem.

 — unknown

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