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What You Offer

How wicked you are,
Appealing, it is to me.
I crave the danger
Our togetherness will bring
I love that devil in your eyes,
Full of mischief for my heart.
Fierce and daring,
Wild and vivid
Brutal love
Is what you offer.
Raw and naked
Reverberating through my soul.
Spewing echo's down my spine,
Sending shock waves
Through my pulse.
Wrecking me with wanton passion
Emphasizing every aspect
Of what you have to offer.

12 Jan 04

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I love your poem. It's filled with anger and fear but with words like passion, togetherness and (my favourite) brutal love. For me it's about something or someone you don't want but still can't be without... L5 is just beautiful! Compard with your other poems this one is great. You really give us a piece of yourself.

wish someone could write me a poem like this!!! hm...
 — tiny

yum yum yum! lotsa lovely intense imagery. Me likey. Could do with a stronger ending though...
 — Minx

I think that this poem is an awesome love poem that really describes me. I love that devil in your eyes, full of mischeif for my heart. Raw and naked. Reverberating through my soul. I think of relationships that i have been in and seems like that is what we look for.

 — unknown

i think its awesome and cool. i love how you describe everything.
 — killer2loner