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harp calligram/calligramme

this is an avant-garde typographical form where the shape and subject are related, so the poem is actually this image:
so, take a look and comment however you usually would!

7 Nov 07

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i would only lose the 'also of' before bells, reveries, etc.
 — unknown


hmm, "also of" is meant to help convey that "bells, reveries, etc." is a continuation of "that's the sound of heaven". would that flow be clear enough without it?
 — unknown

i think so. the ending makes that clear.
 — unknown

ok, i'll change it from "also of" to "of". i think that helps with the awkwardness while preserving the hint...
 — unknown

good idea.
geez...i'd give you a higher rating but rafter won't let me.
 — unknown

hehe, also keep in mind the novelty value of this form! it's part of the play on form vs. content, but still, if dozens of these got posted to PC every day, you'd probably be like "ehh". ;)
 — britta

This is excellent work!  Personally, I would just title it something like "Harp" and let the reader form their own additional meanings.
 — poetbill

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