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i address you in the spanish plural
not out of politeness
but in the hope
that there will be more than one of you
when we finally meet.

2 Aug 07

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I love a raw ending.
l4 might be better as 'more than one of you'
in keeping with the title?
I like
 — unknown

noted and thank you.
with reference to your raw ending. may i say without compunction that i hate them.
 — raskolniikov

Liking more.
Is it polite to address one in the Spanish plural?
 — unknown

Isn't vosotros rather formal?  I'm not clear about why you want more than one here.  
 — Isabelle5

thank you for your comment Isabelle5
vosotros is the informal plural. it is ustedes that is the formal.
i want more than one of her just in case she decides to leave.
 — raskolniikov

Un buen poema!  A mi me gusta la manera en que Ud. lo escribe.  Gracias por eso!  Espero que ella se quede!  Gracias.  Estrella
 — starr

gracias por sus palabras amables.
 — raskolniikov

 — joshcoops

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