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Climbing the Hypervenilating Latter

I know he probably wanted to say "Stop Freaking Out" but then he heard the fear in my voice...

Don't be afraid. I'll stay here with you.
The bad dreams left your thoughts
and have flown out the window to the
nosy, old neighbors house.
I'll stay with you until you stop shaking.
Try to slow your heavy breathing.
Pretend it turned into water that's
clearing out all the negative energy
that consumes you.
It was only your imagination
trying to tell you something that you
misunderstood. Nothing more.
Not to worry, the lights are on.
It's not the dark you fear.
Just the fact that you don't
know what is hiding in the dark.
If anything were there they're hiding
from you.
It's okay. I'll stay by your side.
Together our shadows scare them away.

20 Jul 07

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your the kind of guy i would like to date
 — unknown

haha...actually i'm a girl...my best friend is the one talking in the poem, he's the guy. I'll tell him you so :]
 — Cherish

 — Cherish

last line is frickin phenomenal, can i buy it off of you?
 — joshcoops

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